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Veganism: How To Tell Your Friends

I am vegan however, I haven’t always been vegan.

When you make the decision to be vegan and live a plant based diet your life changes. It can seem a bit crazy at first but the sooner you get it out of your chest and let people around you know what you want to do it becomes soooo much easier.

Personally I didn’t talk to my friends about veganism. So when I became vegan I thought they would think it was “a bit out of no where”. I wasn’t scared of telling them but I didn’t want to come in school and make a massive announcement and have questions thrown at me.

I decided to take a very smooth approach which consisted in not telling anyone if I didn’t have to. I told my close friends but everyone else I only told if they offered me some food, if we went out for coffee or if they asked me what I was eating. Is that the best approach? Not really. It made things a bit awkward some times and the fact that I didn’t tell everyone made it almost like a little secret of mine and everyone else saw it as something I was keeping to myself.

Now that I have gone through that experience and I am officially a vegan in everyone’s eyes I can definitely say that it becomes so much easier. Telling your friends will make them aware of your values and if they respect you then they will pay more attention to what they offer you to eat, they will help you find great yuummy food and they will be interested in healthy eating (well, some of them). You will also feel so much more open and free to be who you truly are and others will see that in you.

To make your experience a bit less awkward then mine I would suggest to:

Talk about Veganism with your friends while you are thinking about becoming vegan.

Show your friends that you have an interest in becoming vegan.

Don’t be afraid to say what you want to do.

Just be honest and opened.

Don’t take it too seriously. 

At the end of the day, just be honest with them. You might be really surprised with their reactions. Some of my friends were not surprised at all when I told them I was vegan…others make jokes but that is their way of being friendly. Expect questions and comments but just see them as opportunities to inform them of the great benefits of this lifestyle.

Also…don’t be too serious about it. Veganism is not a massive taboo that you should be scared of talking about. If you make it nice and simple other people will be more open to talk about it and also not make a massive deal out of it.

Hope this post was useful! And until next time have a wonderful day! Lot of love,

Ines x

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