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I’m a Feminist, but I’m not…

I have always been a feminist.

I was mostly raised by my mum, even though I saw my dad, my mum was still a single mum of two. My nan also played a massive role in my childhood by helping my mum raising both me and my brother. I’ve always seen those two women as strong, independent, clever and great role models.

When I was a kid I was already a feminist without even knowing what feminism was. I believed in gender equality because I didn’t know there were genders. I never thought my dad was superior to my mum because he was a man…who would ever think that?! I always believed I had the same opportunities as my brother because why shouldn’t I? In my eyes we were all just people.

Kids are not born with the idea of genders. They do not know what genders are or what it means in this society. This means that their beliefs and values are then created by the information they receive through their environment and those around them. As kids do not have any past references or experiences they will just retain the information they receive without being able to avaluate if it’s “right” or “wrong”. I believe this is why some people would be against feminism or gender equality…they were just not given the right information in the right time. However, humans are incredible and we can change our mindset which then ultimately changes our perception of the world, therefore we can educate people on the topic and change their perception of gender in society.

When I was young I use to express my opinion on gender equality but no one really seemed to care…at the end of the day I was just a little girl. However nowadays, whenever I express my thoughts on women’s rights and feminism people usually get quite defensive and often make comments such as “if you are a feminist why do you shave your legs?” Or “why don’t you like men?”

I shave my legs because I enjoy the feeling of shaved legs! If men knew the feeling of shaved legs they would probably shave as well! Being a feminist and believing in gender equality gives women choice…women have the right to shave if they enjoy it or not shave if they don’t want to. This goes for everthing! It is accepting that we all have the same rights no matter which category you fit yourself into.

I feel like a lot of people nowadays are feminists but they are either scared to use this word or they simply don’t know its meaning. For me feminism is acceptance, equality and unity. I hope one day people will be more comfortable with “FEMINISM” and not see it as something weird or a taboo…feminism should be simple…we are all humans, we are all the same.

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