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Turkey Diary #3 | Last Day Nostalgia


 “So today is the day. The day we say goodbye to the sunshine, the mountains, the fruit and the lovely tea. We also have to say goodbye to our neighbor whose warm heart received us since our first day here. It was an honor to share a cup of Çayi (tea) with her, it goes to show that language should never be an excuse to not communicate with other beautiful people. Her amazing smile, constant positive energy and google translate made our evening perfect and a moment I will always treasure. I just hope one day the sounds coming out of her mouth make sense in my head and we no longer have to use google translate…I know for a fact that would make her extremely happy.

We are at the airport now in Antalya waiting for our flight to Istanbul. I got a flat white with soya milk, as usual…as soon as I get to England everything will be back to ‘the usual’. I will get the usual bus to school, go to the usual gym, worry about the usual things. The idea of going back to ‘the usual’ kinda of frightens me. Even though I love my life I don’t want to go back…much rather stay here in Turkey drinking tea, eating amazing food, enjoying the sunshine and riding a bike everywhere. I would also have more time to learn a bit more of this complex language.

But oh well, I always knew the end of this amazing trip was inevitable. I am taking soooo much with me. Turkey taught me so much, I saw incredible things and experienced things I never thought I would. I’ve grown spiritually, I am in peace with my mind and soul. I have even more passion and desire to live a bright life.

I suppose things in England will look like ‘the usual’ but the way I will live them will be different. My mind has grown, my knowledge expanded and my soul is now full of love…I have changed. I feel like I know myself so much better now and I am excited to apply my new knowledge in my ‘usual life’






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