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Turkey Diary #2 | Being an Outcast


“We missed the bus to the waterfall. The famous Kursunlu Waterfall in the natural park of Antalya. I can not wait to get there. It has been a long journey…we already got a bus for 40 mins, a tram and now we have to wait half an hour for our next bus which will take about one hour to get to the natural park. 

It is quite surreal being here, sitting on this bench. I have the feeling everyone is wondering why I am writing and why is Lucia reading. It feels like everything we do is abnormal in the eyes for the people around us, even just the way we look. In the beginning it was strange…being looked at, being an outcast but now we are used to it…sort of.

People still look at us, they still think twice before sitting next to us on the bus and question everything we do and how we look but as we come to understand their culture and even a little bit of their language we (or at least me) are starting to feel a bit more within a community.

The markets are now familiar. We know what is good and how to communicate with the locals which I find to be an honor as everyone is so friendly and…genuine. The crazy and completely packed buses with no air con have now become a routine which does not feel strange anymore, not even the way bus drivers drive and shout all the time. I still find it funny how different the buses are from England but it is surprisingly normal now and if anything it is adding more to our adventure. Time to get the bus.”


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