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Turkey Dairy #1 | Almost there!


“I am currently on the biggest plane I’ve ever been on. In one hour we will arrive in Antalya and even though I am exhausted I can not miss this opportunity to write.

I love traveling and so far this has been an amazing adventure. In fact the last 3 days have been pretty great. I arrived in Hamburg on the 19th and since then my days have been filled with friends, stunning views, long chats and lovely food…what else can I girl ask for?

If 3 years ago someone told me I would come to Istanbul and Antalya with two amazing and beautiful German girls I would have told them they were mad. In the last few years I’ve done so many things I never thought I would ever do. To be honest I often find myself wondering how I ended up here…in this beautiful life – no I am not naive and think that everything in life is beautiful and amazing but I love to love life and be grateful and appreciative. 

I am not a ‘life expert’ but I believe that one of the things that brought me here, to a point in my life where I am in peace and fulfilled is the fact that I pursued my dreams…Okay I know it sounds very cheesy but it is the true. Usually when people give advice to each other they say “follow your heart”, “follow your dreams”… that is what I did, I stopped being scared and said YES. Saying YES is what brought me here…saying yes made me move to England, made me join a completely different school, made me be involved in amazing projects that I am so grateful for, gave me so many opportunities, it helped me find who I truly am and what I stand for.

Saying YES brought me to this plane. I now with with joy, happiness and peace and I wish that to everyone else in this beautiful planet.”


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